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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 15, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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g. >> get more later on "good morning america." or anytime at >> have a great weekend. making news on this friday, october 15th. >> high gear. with 18 days to go, candidates and their supporters are in for a heavy weekend of campaigning. headed home. some miners healthy enough to finally leave the hospital. facing a new future of fame, possibly fortune. and big blowup. one of the most heated moments ever on "the view." good morning. we begin this friday with politics. there are just over two weeks, now, before election day. and the heavy-hitters from both parties are keeping busy. >> president obama has been trying to fire up the youth
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vote. in an event aired on mtv and other networks yesterday, he got a grilling from some young voters. mr. obama faced some pretty sharp questions on not only race, but drugs, unemployment and taxes. and he said he hopes for more bipartisan work in washington after the midterm elections. >> today, the president and vice president biden will be in delaware. biden also visits wisconsin today. while the president goes to ohio this weekend, with the first lady, who has been to a number of states. >> meanwhile, bill clinton is stumping in the far west and the deep south. and for the republicans, sarah palin is on a three-day swing through california. speaking of palin, last night, she made an appearance in san jose. today, she co-headlines an event in sacramento with democrat howard dean. while she's in the golden state, palin is not meeting with the two high-profile republican women. meg whitman, and carly fiorina. but she is attending a big
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republican national committee event tomorrow. in neighboring nevada, it's a close senate battle between majority leader harry reid and tea-backed republican sharron angle. they held their only face-to-face encounter of the campaign last night. alex stone has that story from las vegas. >> reporter: in a highly-anticipated debate, senate majority leader, harry reid, faced off with tea party star, sharron angle. >> don't frighten people about social security. the deal was made by president reagan and tip o'neill is holding strong. >> man up, harry reid. you need to understand that we have a problem with social security. >> reporter: reid knows he's in trouble with nevada voters. he tried to label republican angle as crazy in tv ads. >> introducing sharron angle's crazy juice. >> reporter: the contest here in nevada is one of the most important of the midterm. republicans would love to defeat the democrats' leader in the senate. 2,500 miles east, in delaware, an equally combative debate between tea partier, christine o'donnell, and democrat, chris coons. >> my opponent has recently said
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that it was studying under a marxist professor that made him become a democrat. >> my opponent and lots of folks in the right-wing media have endlessly spun this. i am not now, nor have i ever been, anything but a clean-shaven capitalist. >> reporter: vice president joe biden tells terry moran that o'donnell and tea party hopefuls across the country are a force to be reckoned with. >> we take christine o'donnell seriously. i think it's a mistake not to take them seriously. >> reporter: polls in nevada indicate the same. a new mason/dixon poll shows sharron angle two points ahead of harry reid. alex stone, abc news, las vegas. in other news now, the justice department is now asking the federal judge to keep the don't ask, don't tell policy in effect for now. president obama defended the move during a town hall meeting last night. he promised to end the policy against gays serving in the military during his term. but the military says to end it immediately would simply be too
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disruptive. the obama administration is now backing peace negotiations aimed at ending the war in afghanistan. they're in the early stages. but there are signs of progress. nick schifrin has more from islamabad, pakistan. >> reporter: the war in afghanistan will not end thanks to guns being fired. it will end, thanks to guns being laid down. the u.s. is hoping this scene begins playing out across the country. taliban insurgents agree to stop fighting and pledge allegiance to the afghan government. the door to negotiation is always open, the local governor says. military might will not solve our problems. 400 miles away, these men also fought against the united states. but the military releases them. tribal leaders sign a statement promising to keep the men straight. and american troops let these 12 go out any consequence. >> we wish these men well. >> reporter: it might seem unusual to see the u.s. trying to reduce violence by releasing prisoners. but the majority of insurgents
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aren't ideological. they fight for money or because they're mad at the government and can be persuaded to stop, as hillary clinton told robin roberts on "gma." >> i am increasingly convinced that many of the lower-level taliban, young men who, frankly, are in increasing numbers, laying down their arms and coming back into society. >> reporter: insurgents use safe havens to attack u.s. troops. but because they're inside pakistan, the pakistani military says it can make the insurgents stop. because as one general recently put it, the u.s. knows the only way this conflict might end is in an argument. nick schifrin, abc news, islamabad. three of the rescued miners in chile are now out of the hospital. the men left by a side door last night and hopped into a van. they were identified as edison they were identified as edison pena, carlos mamani and juan illanes.
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we'll have more in this half hour. nearly five years after vice president dick cheney accidentally shot a hunting buddy, we're finally finding out just how serious those injuries were. in addition to the bruises, we could see harry whittington tell "the washington post" he suffered a collapsed lung, a mild heart attack and still has 30 pieces of bird shot in him, including near his heart. whittington would not say if the former vice president ever apologized. but said he bares no ill will toward cheney. now, for this morning's weather from around the nation. a nor'easter makes for a wet and windy day in new england. heavy rain, flooding and winds topping 50 miles per hour. also, gusty, as far south as washington, d.c. with lingering showers around new york and philly. showers and thunderstorms in south florida. much cooler along the pacific coast. >> just 57 in seattle. 62 in portland. and 73 in boise. phoenix will hit 94. sacramento, 86. 60s from fargo to detroit. 57 here in new york.
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and 75 in atlanta. 80s from miami to new orleans and to dallas. and when we come back this morning, sticker shock. we'll have the new estimate of america's ballooning budget deficit. plus, you're about to see the ipad in many more stores, with a new mobile carrier. and high emotions. two co-hosts from "the view" storm off stage. the moment many are talking about. , dog: bacon? gotta get that bacon! smokey bacon, crispy bacon, tasty bacon! where is it? where is the bacon? tv newscaster: bacon popular, "story at 11. dog: yummy. crunchy. bacon. bacon. bacon. there, in that bag! mom: who wants a beggin' strip!? dog: me! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs! yum, yum, yum... it's beggin'! hm... i love you! i love bacon! i love you! i love bacon! i love you! beggin' strips! there's no time #like beggin' time! share the fun at just got more powerful. introducing precise pain relieving heat patch. it blocks pain signals for deep relief
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with a single application in 20 comfortable shades. these lips are sealed. revlon colorstay ultimate™ liquid lipstick. but the nicoderm cq patch gradually steps you down off of nicotine in just three steps, doubling your chances for success. nicoderm cq. 3 steps, 10 weeks and you're free. the federal budget deficit is expected to top $1 trillion for the second-straight year. the government is expected to
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report today that the deficit, for the fiscal year that just ended, will total $1.29 trillion. that is actually down from last year's record of $1.4 trillion. the dollar has been falling fast, as investors anticipate that the federal reserve will soon take action to pump up the economy. it's near a 15-year low, versus the yen and a 10-month low, compared to the euro. that's good news for companies that sell things overseas because their goods become cheaper for foreigners. overseas, stocks are a mix this morning. tokyo's nikkei average fell almost 1% today. hong kong's hang seng is lower. and in london, the ftse opened higher. on wall street, the dow slipped one point yesterday, snapping a four-day winning streak. meanwhile, the nasdaq fell nearly six points. social security recipients could get a bonus next year to make up for the fact they will not be getting a cost of living increase for the second-straight year. the house will vote next month on a bill to give an extra $250 to the more than 58 million americans receiving social
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security. walmart is looking to double the amount of locally-grown produce it sells in the next five years. the retail giant is steering more of its business to smaller farms to help reduce farming's environmental impact. well, it is not the iphone. but it is a start for verizon wireless. the carrier will begin selling apple's ipad at the end of the month. walmarts and sam's clubs across the country will also begin selling the device today. if you're wondering, is it cheaper at sam's or walmart? >> no such luck. next on this friday, the chilean miners begin returning to their lives. facing, now, a whole, new reality. and the first look at sarah palin's new reality show.
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the massive 4-lane, 1,900-foot-long span lets drivers bypass the road on the hoover dam, which is notorious for its traffic. it's named for a former nevada governor and pat tillman, the nfl star that joined the army and was killed in afghanistan. the bridge is called o'callaghan-tillman memorial bridge. now, a look at your road conditions. wet and windy on i-95 from maryland to maine, with flooding in new england. flooded on i-90, from boston to syracuse. slick on 95 and 75 in south florida. >> if you're headed to the airport today, expect airport delays on the east coast in boston, new york, philadelphia, washington, d.c., charlotte and miami. they're called the 33. those chilean miners who are doing remarkably well after more than two months underground. >> three of the miners have been released from the hospital overnight. and even more will go home today. and we're learning much more about what life was like being
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trapped beneath the earth. >> emily schmidt is now joining us with more. good morning, emily. >> reporter: good morning, vinita and rob. it's hard to believe that two days ago at this time, most of the miners were still happened half a mile below the earth. now, this morning, some of them are waking up in their own homes, in their own beds. this is a remarkable turn of events in these mens' rapidly changing lives. the first 3 of the 33 miners who captured the world's attention, found 1 way to avoid that attention last night. as a parade in front of the hospital distracted supporters, the miners slipped out the back to go home. that step out of the spotlight is likely brief. chilean reporters asked one miner, does it make you happy that the whole world was watching you? yes, he said. it made us cry. on the first full day out of the mine, spirits were visibly higher. doctors say the miners are progressing very well. one has pneumonia. others need dental work. but none has severe physical problems.
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the next challenge is dealing with the memories of two months trapped underground. down there in that mine, i learned to pray, says the 28th rescued miner. he says for the first two weeks, the men ate less than a soda cap full of salmon and tuna every two days. the only journalist that spoke with the miners said the early days were filled with disagreement and despair. >> they're fighting because some people wanted to climb out. some people wanted to stay where they are. >> reporter: now, they're known for their unity. and swamped with job offers and gifts. living as celebrities, after 69 days of living with nearly nothing. >> these guys have been through so much. i really think that whatever they earn out of this, it's not enough for having lived ten weeks in a hole. >> reporter: doctors at the hospital where the remaining 30 miners spent the night, saying most of them are probably going to go home today.
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the rest, likely, by the end of the weekend. rob? >> so, emily, they've gone from dark plight to the limelight. any idea how they're handling this new attention? >> reporter: we get tiny glimpses of how they're handling it. the chilean president visited them in the hospital yesterday. while there, he challenged them all to a soccer match. and joked that the losing team would have to go back to the mine. what was the response? well, the men laughed. a sign that throughout all of this, all of this incredible stress and pressure, at least their humor is still intact. >> emily schmidt, thank you very much. a u.s. official now says the murder of an american on a mexican lake, may be the case of a mistaken identity. he says david hartley and his wife were two, innocent american tourist who stumbled into a bad area when david wa -phalookfor exin ofas hartley'se up strategy. the mexican tv reporter who claimed the new york jets were inappropriate aroundher
4:48 am
nfl locker room. ines sainz told officials about the cat call she faced while waiting to interview the jets' qb. she will be working on stories with the nfl in the coming weeks, including the jets. but she says her interviews will be done off the field. it's time for more sports. max bretos at espn news has the highlights. >> good morning. this is your espn news update. we start in the nation's capital, where the washington wizards, making some news in the preseason. the wrong kind. gilbert arenas, benched for the start of this game, after faking an injury before their last game. first quarter, arenas, causes the turnover. and then, after the foul, comes up limp. a little karma there. mild groin strain. would not return. still in the first, john wall fields the ball. takes it the other way. wizards down one. second quarter, wall leads the break. leaves it for nick young, who finishes with a slam. wizards up three. still in the second. and it's wall leading the break.
4:49 am
this time for andre blatche. wall's eight assists of the game, would finish with a double-double, 15 and 11. wizards would lose, 96-88. college football in the big east. the lone ranked team in the conference. the west virginia mountaineers, come in at number 25. first quarter, geno smith finding bradley starks for the 21-yard touchdown pass. the mountaineers up 10-0. second quarter, a little trickeration. geno smith to the flat for sanders, who flipped it to noel devine on the minihook and ladder. devine takes it in for the touchdown. it's 17-3. another look. finding some wiggle room. mountaineers go on to win it. 20-6. this will do it for this espn news update. back to you in new york. we're getting the first glimpse of sarah palin's upcoming reality show. >> tlc just released the trailer for "sarah palin's alaska." showing her home with family and enjoying the outdoors in her home state. >> this is flipping fun. how come we can't ever be satisfied? i'd rather be doing this than in
4:50 am
some stuffy, old political office. i'd rather be out here being free. >> no word on whether that includes the oval office. the show debuts next month on tlc. >> a lot of people will be watching that. and watching this, too. that explosive confrontation between bill o'reilly yesterday and some of the co-hosts on "the view." >> joy behar and whoopi goldberg walked off the set during yesterday's show, after things got heated with o'reilly over the proposed islamic center near ground zero. >> killed us on 9/11. >> no. no. >> you have just seen what should not happen. we should be able to have discussions without washing our hands and screaming and walking offstage. i love my colleagues. but that should not have happened. >> behar and goldberg did come back, after o'reilly apologized. saying he was sorry, after they
4:51 am
came back. o'reilly did apologize. he said he was sorry if anybody felt he was demeaning all muslims. >> in addition to the scoldings he got from whoopie and joy, also from barbara. and when referencing what happened to 9/11. >> never dull on "the view." coming up next, the stories we'll be following today, including why condoleezza rice will be back at the white house today. stay with us. you use the healing power of touch every day. ♪ now the healing power of touch just got more powerful. introducing precise from the makers of tylenol. precise pain relieving heat patch activates sensory receptors. it helps block pain signals for deep penetrating relief you can feel precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol.
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and now, a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching today. president obama and vice president biden are in campaign mode. they're making a joint appearance in delaware to support the democratic candidate trying to win biden's former senate seat. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke gives a speech that could provide clues on the central bank's next move to pump up the economy. the fed is expected to announce new steps at its meeting the first week of november. more miners are expected to head home from the hospital in chile today. three men were released overnight. former national security adviser and secretary of state, ko condoleezza rice, visits the white house today. and baseball's playoffs resume tonight as the texas rangers host the new york yankees in game one of the national championship series. the nlcs between the giants and phillies begin tomorrow.
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now, "good morning, maryland." the votes have been counted city teachers reject a new contract. find out why and what happens next. and we have heard about it for while now. we get a glimpse what have a proposed casino at arundel mills mall would look like. and it's sitting vacant for four months. what a dwhsh new tentant could move into the former espn zone building down at inner harbor. i am roosevelt leftwich and let's start off with meteorologist justin berk. >> you picked a good day to come to work. a strong storm that brought us an inch rain yesterday is moving away. it continues to get stronger. and the wind pick up. we are looking at the gusts beginning to build and that
4:59 am
cold air wrapping behind the storm may produce snow in new england. winter storm watches are in the mountains of vermont in northern new york. that's got to put a smile on your face. it's not here. got you, rowsie. clear and school weekend. but 48 glen burnie. 45 in bel air. 47 towson westminster and woodbine and 50 on the eastern shore from chestertown and goldsboro a few sprinkle in the mountains around showers this afternoon. we will talk about that coming up. now the first look at traffic. here kim brown. >> reporter: thanks. we have a couple things happening in baltimore city right now. an update on the road closure on harford road because of the water main break repairs. closed southbound at superior avenue. this is ongoing. you can use they have a detour posted to get around that. an accident in the city sinclair lane and south baltimore bush street closed at severn because of a train blocking the road as


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